Living In Color

Living in Color

Whether cheering & chilling

 contemplating a good book

engaged in thoughtful discussions

Afghan Tabriz

                          Pak-Afghan Tabriz  (hand-knotted in Afghanistan, finished in Pakistan)

the colorful Pak-Afghan Tabriz creates an ideal environment

to help you

     Slow Down & Enjoy Life More!

Backstory to Stylish Pak-Afghan Tabriz:

#31310 Fine Tabriz 9 x 11.3 Pak-Afghan

#31310 Fine Tabriz 9 x 11.3 Pak-Afghan

The stylish finely woven Tabriz hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measuring 9 x 11.3 brings warmth and a classic style to a space.  This piece was hand-knotted in Attock, northern Pakistan by 4 Afghani Turkmen over a period of 6-7 months using handspun vegetally dyed local wool. The artist’s simple color palette of madder red, cream, tan, navy and teal coupled with a sophisticated pattern brings just the right amount of ease and intensity to create a classic timeless design.

Historically, Tabriz, capital of the province of Iranian Azaerbaijan, has been one of the most important centers for the production of Oriental carpets. Their designs have a mathematical precision that creates a perfect symmetry. This piece contains the classic design of a small diamond, which occupies the center and is surrounded by a series of concentric medallions.  The rich, red field’s floral vines appear as latticework and also define the alluring cream corner quadrants. The main navy colored border contains peonies, which represent power,  separated by a simple floral design, which brings in air and maintains a nice balance. The tan guard borders use of design and color are striking.

     The artist masterfully creates a work of art which implores you to slow down and enjoy the ”colors”. “Speed kills colour…the gyroscope when turning at full speed, shows up gray.” Paul Morand. 

     Slow Down & Enjoy Life More!


Stunningly Beautiful Tibetan & Unmistakably Beautiful Fine Afghan Tabriz


#37524 Stunningly Beautiful Tibetan 9 x 12

#37524 Stunningly Beautiful Tibetan 9 x 12

The STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL Tibetan hanging in WINDOW LEFT fabulously grounds a room with sophistication and style. This carpet was hand-knotted in Kathmandu, Nepal by 3-4 Nepalese weavers using handspun Himalayan wool  over a period of 4-5 months.

The evolving field of various shades of gray and brown is sprinkled with metallic tones of gold, copper and bronze exuding a richness and depth. The primary designs boast a fresh blue bringing air into the space.

The combination of elaborate and simple patterns perfectly complement each other. The exquisite, dominating design creates a luxurious atmosphere while the simple patterns keep the carpet from taking itself too seriously.

The artist successfully created a stunningly beautiful piece of art incorporating what might be viewed as competing ideas – simplicity versus complexity in design and dark versus light in colors. The final result was a glorious synergy. Well done!

“Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail,

the choice of words, the exquisite care of execution.”  

Theophile Gautler



#35973 Unmistakable Beauty - Fine Afghan Tabriz

#35973 Unmistakable Beauty – Fine Afghan Tabriz

The UNMISTAKABLY BEAUTIFUL fine Afghan Tabriz hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9 x 12. This Tabriz was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by 4 Turkmen women using handspun vegetally dyed Ghazni wool over a period of 9-10 months. The inspiration for this intriguing carpet is Haji Jalili Tabrizes, which are noted for their earth tones and nuanced designs.

The carefully chosen color palette of walnut, pearl gray and copper orange with a touch of pale gray set against a backdrop of creamy muslin effectively champions the artist’s exquisite fine Tabriz design.

The utilization of palmettes interlaced with floral chains in the field is absolutely gorgeous! The main border’s fastidious use of palmettes and floral vines is lovely. The inner and outer guard borders utilize a simple floral chain and the trefoil respectively, while the immediate outer guard border employs a rarely seen level of detail. The various components of the carpet design come together in a spectacular fashion.

The artist’s caliber of design, color and materials is unparalleled. The final result is an Afghan Tabriz of unmistakable beauty!

“Beauty without expression is boring.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Celebrate the Holidays with a Kebabian rug!

You’ve probably noticed that some stores seem to have sales that never end. The “never-ending sale” is a game that Kebabian’s will never play; we price our rugs fairly from the get go and never artificially inflate our prices. When we do run promotions, we are simply letting our customers know that we’ve intentionally moved a large number of pieces to clearance where you’ll find deals that cannot be beat. Well, this is that time! We have two website pages for our clearance section, 6 x 9 and larger, and 6 x 8 and smaller. All pieces shown are 50-75% off! Below is a tasteful selection of some of our beautiful pieces, all made by hand for the eye and the foot. 

37654 - Fine Kazakh - 9'3'' x 11'9'' - Pak-Afghan - was $6,480, NOW $3,240

37654 – Fine Kazakh – 9’3” x 11’9” – Pak-Afghan – was $6,480, NOW $3,240

35761 - Fine Navajo - 4'9'' x 7'1'' - Afghan - was $4,000, NOW $1,995

35761 – Fine Navajo – 4’9” x 7’1” – Afghan – was $4,000, NOW $1,995

37415 - Red Afghan - 6'9'' x 9'4'' - Afghan - was $3,000, NOW $1,495

37415 – Red Afghan – 6’9” x 9’4” – Afghan – was $3,000, NOW $1,495

37346 - Sultanabad - 8'2'' x 10'1'' - Afghan - was $5,900, NOW $2,995

37346 – Sultanabad – 8’2” x 10’1” – Afghan – was $5,900, NOW $2,995

37271 - Sultanabad - 8'4'' x 10' - Pakistani - was $4,950, NOW $2,495

37271 – Sultanabad – 8’4” x 10′ – Pakistani – was $4,950, NOW $2,495

“A Proper Setting Raises the Conversation”

Fine Afghan Ferraghan Sings

Afghan Fine Ferreghan

“Like the clothes we wear affects our level of performance,

a proper setting raises the conversation.

Make your Dining Room a “heaven on earth”

“This is what I want in heaven…

words to become notes and conversations to be symphonies.”

Tina Turner


Afghan Fine Bijar – Gathering Place for Collecting Your Thoughts

Afghan Fine Bijar

 Gathering Place for Collecting Your Thoughts

Afghan Bijar handpicked by John Kebabian

Afghan Fine Bijar handpicked by John Kebabian

What better place to gather your thoughts,

than resting in a lovely room grounded by a work of art.


     “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

      There is no end to the adventures that we can have

if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  Jawaharlal Nehru


Kebabian carpet – utilitarian, handmade and uniquely beautiful

Window Watch: Shimmering Tibetan and Captivating Kazakh


Tibetan with Phoenix Weave  9 x 12

Tibetan with Phoenix Weave 9 x 12




The SHIMMERING Tibetan hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 9 x 12. The local weavers employed a Phoenix weave. “The hard twisted wool for this quality is triple dyed and washed in small pot batches to enhance the natural color variations. The variegated color and enhanced texture also gives the collection a sophisticated, yet casual, look, along with a unique character varying from piece to piece.” Bamboo silk provides the “shimmer”

 Although the artist only employed 2 colors: silver & ecru, the effect is anything… but boring! The artist’s fanciful design embraces imagination, fashion, fun and individuality.

     The SHIMMERING Tibetan will bring spontaneity, style, and merriment to a space!






Afghan Kazakh  9.3 x 11.9  Sale Price $3,888.

Afghan Kazakh 9.3 x 11.9 Sale Price $3,888.


The CAPTIVATING Kazakh hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9.3 x 11.9. This stunning piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by four Afghan women using handspun wool over a period of 6 months.

  Whimsical motifs bursting from the bright sky blue field float merrily along creating a playful vibe. The complexity of the design stimulates the imagination, while the intriguing use of gold and cobblestone grounds the piece.

If you are looking to create an atmosphere where great ideas float freely, yet able to be pinned down, this CAPTIVATING Kazakh is the ticket!

“Men admire the man who can organize

their wishes & thoughts

in stone & wood & steel & brass.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dreams and ideas permeate the atmosphere of the Kazakh, while the gold and cobblestone provide grounding – giving them the legs to carry those ideas into the world.

Sale Price $3,888.