A Legendary Shipment of Afghan Rugs

Kebabian’s is in the business of importing only the best handmade rugs. Our latest shipment of Afghan rugs is no exception.


100% all natural rugs, hand-spun wool & natural dyes


37901 - Heriz - 8'4'' x 10'7'' - Afghan

37901 – Heriz – 8’4” x 10’7” – Afghan

37902 - Fine Khamseh - 6' x 8'1'' - Afghan

37902 – Fine Khamseh – 6′ x 8’1” – Afghan

37909 - Serapi - 9'2'' x 9'4'' - Afghan

37909 – Serapi – 9’2” x 9’4” – Afghan

37923 - Fine Ferreghan - 10'1'' x 14'2'' - Afghan

37923 – Fine Ferreghan – 10’1” x 14’2” – Afghan

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Designing Your Living Room with a Rug

Designing Your Living Room with a Rug


     The enchanting Agra fabulously grounds the lovely living room, enhancing the quality of life within the space.  The quiet and soothing color palette creates a calming atmosphere, while the furnishings maintain a high level of sophistication.


The Rug…Player vs. Spectator


     The room-sized carpet, beautifully framed by the wood flooring, anchors the room in a glorious fashion.  The elegant Afghan Agra equals the level of quality and beauty of the other elements in the room. If the carpet matched in color only, it could still work and be functional.  However,  if you want to move from “good enough” to great, it is essential in creating great design to have a carpet that is a “player” (not a spectator that appears out of place) that equals the caliber of the other elements “at play” in the room.




     Interior designer, Mary Douglas Drysdale values rugs for their ability to enhance an interior’s structure:  “Oriental and decorative rugs echo the architectural feel and proportion of a room far more effectively than plain carpeting. They endow the floor with a special richness and create a vocabulary of decoration that is comfortable.”  All elements come together in a harmonious fashion making life within the room more enjoyable.
      The right carpet, the enchanting Afghan Agra, brings the room “home” in a harmonious fashion, creating a space where life may flourish on all levels.
The Decorative Carpet, Alix G. Perrachon

Kebabian’s Bold & Primitive Afghan Kazak adding an Extra Layer of Harmony

Kebabian’s Bold & Primitive Afghan Kazak

adding an extra layer of harmony to a charming room.

Bold Primitive Kazakh 9 x 12.2

Bold Primitive Kazakh 9 x 12.2

“But what is happiness

except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”

    Albert Camus 




Afghan Qasqai Hails Springs!

Happy Spring!

"37874 Fine Afghan Qasqai 4'x6'2''

“37874 Fine Afghan Qasqai 4’x6’2”

“The cool wind blew in my face and all at once
I felt as if I had shed dullness from myself. 
Before me lay a long gray line with a black mark down the center. 
The birds were singing. It was spring.”

Burl Ives



3 Things to Watch for when you Buy an Area Rug

If you’re planning to buy a quality area rug, make sure you do your research! Below are 3 tactics rug dealers sometimes use to make quick sales.


  1. Incorrect use of terminology

Hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed – These are not the same, not even close. The fact that they all share the word “hand” doesn’t count for much. It cannot be emphasized enough that hand-knotted rugs are vastly superior to hand-tufted and hand-loomed rugs.

Consider the two rugs shown below. The one on the left is a hand-loomed Gabbeh, the one on the right is a hand-knotted Gabbeh from Iran. Because they look similar, some dealers will sell Loomed Gabbehs as hand-knotted rugs. This is especially common on the internet.


2. Abuse of the word “Persian”

Many rugs woven today in India, Afghanistan and elsewhere use designs originally from Persia. But, just because the designs are Persian, does that make the rug a Persian rug? Absolutely not! Yet, regrettably some dealers do this, because they think they’ll be able to charge a higher price for the rug. What I find especially disheartening about this is that it doesn’t dignify the weavers who actually wove the rug. We work a lot with tribal peoples in Afghanistan who bring a unique approach to rug weaving and do what we call “recreations” of Persian designs. The Afghan rugs we carry are gorgeous, and are in some respects in a league of their own.

3. “Art” silk, while a term that sounds fancy, is actually an abbreviated way of saying “artificial silk”

Many dealers will of course not offer up this information. There isn’t necessarily any need to either, but if the customer asks they should give an honest and direct answer. We have heard many stories about dealers selling rugs with art silk as China silk when the material is really viscose.


I’ve just shared 3 tactics rug dealers sometimes use. If you are looking to buy quality area rugs, the most important thing is to deal with someone you can trust. There are a lot of handmade rugs out there, but most of them are made for the quick sale and not made to last. At Kebabian’s, we only sell the best handmade rugs that not only look stunning, but are top quality and built to last.

Window Watch – Unaffected Gabbeh & Handsome Heriz


#37862 "Unaffected" Persian Fine Gabbeh 8.4 x 11.7

#37862 “Unaffected” Persian Fine Gabbeh 8.4 x 11.7


     The  UNAFFECTED Fine Persian Gabbeh hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.4 x 11.7.  It was hand-knotted in southwest Iran by Kashkuli women, using handspun vegetally dyed wool from their own sheep.  The word “Gabbeh” comes from the Persian language meaning raw, natural and uncut.  Gabbehs are noted for their simplicity, a basic and primitive design with a playful vibe.  Most Gabbehs are hand-knotted using a coarse weave.  However, Kebabian’s Gabbehs are hand-knotted with a finer weave and superior materials giving fine detail to the beauty of “less is more”.  

     The color palette includes stripes of varying shades of blue  (navy, cobalt, sky blue, teal, slate …) and varying shades of green (loden, khaki, pine, lime, kelly…).   Throughout this charming piece are pops of ivory and madder red keeping the vibe playful and easy-going.  The vegetable dyes produce a magnificent abrash on a lush backdrop, due to the fine weave and thick pile.

     Without any apparent effort, this piece has an “unaffected” beauty which delivers an encouraging vibe that permits creativity and happiness. 




“Each one has to find his peace from within.

And peace to be real

must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”

                                                           Mahatma Gandhi


This piece “Simply Is”  encouraging all  to “Simply Be”



#37861 Handsome, Stylish Indian Heriz 8.10 x 11.19

#37861 Handsome, Stylish Indian Heriz 8.10 x 11.19

     The handsome and stylish finely woven Heriz hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 8.10 x 11.10.  This piece was hand-knotted in northern India in a cottage industry setting using hand-spun vegetally dyed wool.  This pleasing piece took four weavers approximately six to seven months to produce. 

     The artist masterfully employs an extensive color palette of madder red, terra cotta, navy, teal blue, khaki, pale green, ivory, honey gold and coffee brown.  The warm madder red field is cooled nicely by the use of honey gold in the field surrounding the medallion and in the large outside quadrants.  The use of navy in the main border and as the primary color of the central medallion nicely grounds the piece, while setting off the other colors spectacularly. 

     The design is a classic northwest Persia Heriz design. The central medallion, which represents window to heaven, is surrounded by a navy field of stylized floral elements, representing the paradise to come. The main border’s intricate design is surrounded by two pairs of guard borders, which are filled with simple and sweet leaf patterns. 

     The balance of color and design in this piece is perfect – not too intense – not too elaborate – not too…ANYTHING! 

It’s Just Right!  



A Hairball Vantage


Our clients often ask the question, “Will my rug be OK if I have cats or dogs?” We always respond with an emphatic, “Yes!” because we know our product. Everything we carry not only looks stunning, but is built to last. Our rugs are meant to be walked on, and they can take it! Come time for wash and restoration, they return back to our clients like new.

While Kebabian’s rugs are built to last, most rugs produced today are not. Most rugs are created for the quick sale. Aesthetically they look suitable, and the price point is attractive, but they aren’t made to last much longer than 5 years. These rugs are a really poor investment.

If there is a mishap, our pieces service up very well. Got a hairball? Got a spill? If it’s addressed quickly enough, and you follow our advice, you will have a very good chance of getting the stain out. You can also bring them to us for service. And what about pets clawing at the rug? Most of the time, all your pets are going to be able to do is pull out excess wool. Unless your pet is a saber-toothed tiger, your pets are going to have a very tough time doing damage to the integrity of a Kebabian rug.

Finally, what about pet urine? This is definitely the biggest enemy of any rug, but even here you will have a chance of removing the stain from a Kebabian rug if you address it immediately and then bring the rug to us.