Staying Home this Winter will be a lot Warmer and Exciting this Year!

Staying Home this Winter will be a lot Warmer & Exciting this Year!

Finely Hand-knotted Gherous Bijar  Afghanistan

Finely Hand-knotted Gherous Bijar Afghanistan

The thoughtful and intricate use of design and color in the exquisite Gherous Bijar

creates an enchanting and elegant ambiance that beckons all that enter to both rest and dream.

Kebabian Rug “Pleasing to the Eye, Satisfying to the Mind”

Rosa Bell Holt


Fall Promotion

Kebabian’s is Celebrating 5 Generations!

#37417 - Fine Afghan - 8.5 x 11.2 - Afghanistan - Was $6,000 - Now $2,995

#37417 – Fine Afghan – 8.5 x 11.2 – Afghanistan – Was $6,000 – Now $2,995

Kebabian’s Oriental Rugs, the oldest Oriental rug importer and dealership in America is celebrating its 133rd year and now 5th generation of longevity and continuity with a Fall Clearance Sale! Clearance pieces are discounted from 50% to 75% off! Non-clearance pieces are also on sale with discounts ranging from 10% to 40% off!


We believe a Kebabian rug can help transform a house into your home, and when we can make it happen at unbeatable prices for our valued customers nothing makes us happier.


Window Watch 10-1-2014 Inviting Oushak & Sophisticated Damask


#27590  Azeri Oushak   8.10 x 10.11  Sale Price $3,995

#27590 Azeri Oushak 8.10 x 10.11 Sale Price $3,995

          Inviting Oushak  

The inviting Oushak hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.10 by 10.11. This piece was hand-knotted in southeast Turkey by Kurdish women over a six-month period using handspun vegetally dyed Karaman wool. The Turkish weave left plenty of nap producing a luxurious, chunky texture.

The warm color palette of muted earth tones: salmon, sand, tan, aubergine, marigold, etc. creates a spectacular backdrop for the vibrant turquoise and rich, deep terra-cotta.

The main border’s bold use of color and design ground the piece with a primal energy. The guard borders are composed of two simple floral chains surrounding an inner guard border incorporating the S Symbol.  “The S symbol which may be either vertical or horizontal is believed to be either associated with sun worship representing light and deity or the serpent representing superhuman knowledge.” (Oriental Rugs, Antique and Modern, Walter Hawley)

The ornate medallion floating blissfully on the luscious terra cotta field contains a single, sweet flower that conveys a happy, gentle and carefree vibe, almost like a butterfly.  This charming carpet implores you to take Nathaniel Hawthorne’s advice:

“Happiness is a butterfly which when pursued,

is always just beyond your grasp,

but which, if you sit down quietly,

may alight upon you.”

     “if you will sit down quietly” in the happy, warm atmosphere of this charming carpet, a cheerful rest is almost certain to follow!


"Antique" European   9 x 12    Sale Price   $5,950

“Antique” European 9 x 12 Sale Price $5,950

         Sophisticated Damask   

The lovely “Antique” European Oriental Carpet hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9 x 12.  This piece was hand-knotted in the Punjab of northeast Pakistan by Pakistanis using vegetally dyed local wool from Pakistan.  This lovely piece would have taken four weavers approximately 6 months to hand-knot followed by an antiquing process that would have taken approximately four weeks.

The inspirations for this lovely carpet are textiles incorporating the damask. The damask design derives its name from the fine patterned fabrics produced in Damascus (Syria) during the Middle Ages. The damask design is still primarily used as a textile, but can be seen in wallpaper and here very effectively in a carpet design.

 The overall pattern makes designing effortless.  The design and color palette of sky blue, tans and grays are very soothing on the eye, while the browns and sky blue provide just the right amount of “pop” to draw attention to the intricate details of the design. The incorporation of shadows causes the piece to appear three-dimensional. All components come together flawlessly to create a gorgeous, functional, all natural Oriental carpet – art for the foot and the eye.

This lovely piece quietly grounds a space with beauty and elegance. The refined design with its soothing palette creates a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere!


Window Watch 9-4-2014 Sagacious Serapi & Tibetan with “Skyscraper” Apeal


#37337    Serapi    8.10 x 12.3  Afghanistan

#37337 Serapi 8.10 x 12.3 Afghanistan

              Sagacious Serapi

The handsome Serapi hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.10 x 12.3. This piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by four Turkmen women within 6 months using handspun vegetally dyed Ghazni wool.

In an excellent carpet every color is a “player” bringing up the surrounding “fellow” colors to make one powerful team! The touches of sky blue, forest green and aubergine sublimely ground the deep rich colors of madder red, tan and indigo, while the ivory showcases all the fascinating designs. The artist’s unexpected use of color is extremely effective.

 The graphics are primitive, yet the design is sophisticated and laden with meaning. Serapis are often noted for their large and strong medallions (windows to heaven) and this piece is no exception. The scorpion design, which represents knowledge, emanates in all directions from the central medallion, which encompasses the carpet from north to south and east to west. Throughout the piece are stylized floral elements adding charm and representative of the coming paradise.

 All the designs in a carpet are intended to enhance and empower the spaces they inhabit. This piece has an intense vibe that embraces knowledge and is hopeful for the future.


#37381  Fine Tibetan   9 x 12.4    Tibet

#37381 Fine Tibetan 9 x 12.4 Tibet

             Tibetan has

     “Skyscraper” Appeal

The fine Tibetan hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9 x 12.4. This very cool piece was handwoven in Kathmandu, Nepal by 3/4 Tibetan and Nepali weavers over a period of about 4 months using handspun Himalayan wool.

The alluring color palette includes a backdrop of gorgeous shades of blue with a large scale, well-defined wrought iron element transforming from steel gray to charcoal bringing added interest to the piece. The artist’s use of color and design creates a modern, sleek look.

This innovative design produces an environment that is both visually and “materially” fresh!  ”Unlike machine-made carpets made from nonrenewable petroleum products which may emit toxic fumes, Oriental rugs are made of only natural materials which “breathe” naturally, outlive their machine-made counterparts and are recyclable.” Alix G. Perrachon.

The artist’s modern, sleek and fresh design will bring sophistication to the space it inhabits. The Wrought Iron “GATEWAY” with its timeless style will transport flawlessly into the future!

Kebabian’s & Elm Shakespeare Pleasing to the Eye & Satisfying to the Mind!

Kebabian’s Oriental Rugs is elated once again to support The Elm Shakespeare Company!

We salute their continuing commitment to establish a discoursewith the New Haven community through the medium of Shakespeare’s plays.

  This year the fabulous company will be performing Shakespeare’s ‘Pericles’

Kebabian Oriental Rug “Pleasing to the Eye & Satisfying to the Mind”

Shakespeare’s Pericles “Satisfying to the Mind &

for a Limited Time…  Pleasing to the Eye!”



Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.55.42 PM



Kebabian’s donation is a lovely Ferreghan which was hand-knotted in Iran by ethnic Persians using vegetally dyed, handspun, local mountain sheep wool measuring 3.8 x 5.2.

Fine Ferreghan  3.8 x 5.2  Persia

Fine Ferreghan 3.8 x 5.2 Persia

Ferreghans are noted for their harmonious coloring and design of floral elements, creating a rich, yet quiet beauty.

This piece flawlessly utilizes varying shades of greens, reds and blues to create

an elaborate design that is also restful to the eye.

 The artist creates an unmatched elegance that satisfies man’s longing for beauty.

This masterpiece is also functional….wait til you step on it!

If you’re interested in supporting the important work of The Elm Shakespeare Company or attending the gala where this “Pleasing to the Eye and Satisfying to the Mind“,  carpet will be part of the live auction, go to:

“Pleasing to the Eye and Satisfying to the Mind” , Rosa Bell Holt


Formidable Bijar and Stunning Suzani – Window Watch July 30, 2014


#36905  Persian Bijar  8.6 x 11.6

#36905 Persian Bijar 8.6 x 11.6

The formidable Persian Bijar hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.6 x 11.6.  This awe-inspiring piece was hand-knotted in western Iran by Kurdish women using vegetally dyed, handspun, local mountain sheep wool creating a treasure trove of rich colors: madder red, burnt sienna, gold, various blues – sky blue, robin egg, and navy, ivory, rose, tan and more.

The Bijar is rightly named the “iron rug of Persia”.  Classic Bijar rugs have “an exceptional depth of foundation, from which emerge a short, sharp, erect pile and clarity of pattern that high and overlapping pile never produces.  Bulk is the result of the insertion of extra weft, called filling, between the rows of knots, and compactness the result of hard hammering with extra-heavy mallets, Arthur Urbane Dilley .” The Bijar exemplifies heavy duty!

The deep navy field has a lattice-work pattern bursting with clusters of flowers. The sky blue which fills the main border has a lovely abrash giving an ideal backdrop for the repeating pattern of the dense and lush peony design representing power and the geometrical form of a palmette allowing the sky blue to beautifully breathe around the gorgeous, lush garden design.


#36103   Very Fine Suzani  9 x 11.10  Afghanistan

#36103 Very Fine Suzani 9 x 11.10 Afghanistan

The stunning Suzani hanging in WINDOW RIGHT was hand-knotted in Mazar-i-Sharif, northern Afghanistan by Turkmen women using handspun vegetally dyed local wool from Ghazni and silk from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The tan backdrop fabulously sets off the warm reds, moss greens, blues, ivory and browns. The artist’s design conveys a happy vibe.

Dr. Elmira Gyul of the Fine Arts Institute In Uzbekistan states that “Suzani drawings are the image of an ideal universe, unity of magic and beauty.” In this “ideal universe” the central motif is Chor-chirog, “light”, which represents the Sacred Fire worshipped in ancient times. The Chor-chirog consists of branch-patterns pointed out from the center in four directions. In this stunning motif four oblong palmettes, “bodoms” branch out from the central sunflower. The sunflower represents good luck and longevity. The “bodom” or almond -shaped motif symbolizes fertility and life.   Light fixtures or Chor-Chirog (instilled with the expurgatory power of Fire) were installed near entrances to ensure that all who enter left the bad thoughts out and kept the good energy in!

The elements of Oriental carpets empower and enhance the space where they land.   What better way to build a home where all that enter thrive, than to lay a foundation with a Kebabian carpet!

Oriental Rugs and Carpets, Arthur Urbane Dilley

Chor-Chirog, Авторизация


Adding to the conversation in a public space

Bringing Home to a Public Space!

Finely Hand-knottedPazyryk

Finely Hand-knottedPazyryk

Pazyryk hand-knotted in Afghanistan by Turkmen women

adding to the conversation in the Fortunato aka President’s Room

at Mory’s in New Haven.

Watch Kebabian’s carpets “at work”  by following us on Pinterest.